Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why English Bulldogs?

Jerome had wanted a bulldog since he was a kid. Part of it steps from the Bulldog Beanie Baby his grandmother gave him when he was young and the other part was Matilda from the professional wrestling tag-team, The British Bulldogs. Jerome used his first "big boy" paycheck from his first job out of college to adopt Beefy, our mascot. After Beefy passed away in April 2015, Jerome and Shari decided to foster English Bulldogs and to try to help find these lovable dogs permanent homes.

Q:Do you have a taproom?

Not yet, but that's what we're working towards.

Q:What is your specialty style?

We don't really feel that we have a specific style that we focus on. Most of the beers start with a concept or idea of a beer that sounds good to us. We do enjoy our stouts and Belgian style beers though!

Q:What made you start brewing?

The short answer is I was spending $30-40 two to three times a week when I lived 4 doors down from a renown bottle shop on Addison and Leavitt. I sat in on a brew day with some friends from college and I was hooked.

Q:Who does your label art?

Jerome does! He has a degree in Graphic Design from Bradley University in Peoria, Il.

Q:Where canI get more information on adopting an English Bulldog?

Please check out our friends at The Chicago English Bulldog Rescue